Location - The fishing village Stø

At 68° north, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, you find Stø, a small but highly living fishing village. Stø, with its 200 inhabitants, is situated in Øksnes municipality, (Nordland County). The municipality has a population of about 4500 people, of which 2800 live in Myre, the administration centre. The closest town is Sortland, which is situated 50 kilometres south of Stø. From May to August Stø is swarming with life due to the yearly coalfish and Greenland halibut fisheries. Anda Lighthouse, five kilometres northwest of Stø, is the home of Northern Norway’s largest puffin colonies, and the island also houses the largest harbour seal colony of the region.


Arctic Whale Tours reception is located in a big, red building on the pier in the middle of the harbor. Our whale watching tours depart from the pier right next to the reception building. 

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